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Communication & Business Skills

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Download documentAdvanced Presentation Skills
The skills and techniques of the effective presenter can always be refined and developed. The ability to present powerfully and persuasively with confidence and authority is a key executive competency.
Download documentAssertiveness Techniques
It is important for staff at all levels to think about how they interact with others and particularly about the effects of what they do or say. This course is designed to further the understanding of what is useful, what is effective in approaches to others and to practice the skills. The main emphasis will be on behaviour that the delegates find difficult to handle.
Download documentBusiness Networking Skills
This interactive course gives you practical advice on the most useful techniques to get the most out of your networking. You will learn how to generate leads, win business and develop your knowledge base.
Download documentCommunication & Assertiveness Skills
We communicate all the time but we rarely think about it. Ineffective communication is a serious personal and organisational problem. Through self-analysis, role-plays and skills development delegates are given the means to become more effective communicators. Important areas covered include: body language, hidden agendas, introductions, handling aggression, voice modulation, self-barriers and listening skills.
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Download documentConflict Management
The aim of the course is to develop your self awareness, communication and interpersonal skills, and to provide strategies to help resolve conflict when it arises.
Download documentCustomer Care over the Telephone
There is an ever-increasing need for companies to conduct most of their business over the telephone. The ability to project a professional and efficient image can add value and increase productivity by reducing call handling times.
Download documentDealing with People in Conflict Situations
This course helps you to understand and identify why and how people behave differently and how you can modify your own behaviour to deal with it.
Download documentEffective Meeting Skills
This course seeks to cut away the ritual, the ego and the ill managed surplus that can surround meetings.
Download documentEffective Minute Taking
A successful meeting is not only due to the content and decisions made, but also the presence of accurate, concise, easy to understand minutes that report clearly what has taken place and what is required going forward.
Download documentEffective Time Management
This programme provides practical guidance on enhancing personal effectiveness and performance through better self-awareness, setting goals and objectives, effective interpersonal communication, assertiveness, self-confidence and networking.
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Download documentEffective Time Management
This course is designed to relate effective time management skills to the achievement of business objectives and key tasks.
Download documentExceptional Customer Service
The provision of a reliable and effective customer care service is the lifeblood of every organisation, yet the issues which need to be addressed are extremely variable. Through assessment and discussion, we define these issues, the way they need to be dealt with, and which skills require development.
Download documentHow to Accelerate Business Growth
Managing a small business is challenging; the ‘comfort blanket’ of being employed has gone and maybe for the first time you have the responsibility to manage an entire business from ‘end to end’. This workshop is specifically designed for Sole Traders, Owner Managers & Leaders of Small Businesses, and focuses on the careful balance of the functions of Sales & Marketing, Operations and Financial Management.
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Download documentInternal Consultancy Skills
The overall goal for the programme is to ensure that any type of business gets the advice, support and service it needs from its internal support services in order to achieve business goals.
Download documentProfessional Presentation Skills
Presentations are now a routine part of business life but people are often worried or nervous about making them. Whether the delegates are presenting to large or small groups, internally or externally, they will learn how to plan, prepare and deliver their presentations professionally.
Download documentReport Writing
This short course provides a practical, readily absorbed set of ideas and structures to aid the complete novice to write reports and offers a reference point for the more experienced.
Download documentSelling Through Service
Whether your customer service staff work face-to-face or over the telephone, this course will provide them with a wide range of skills and techniques that maximise the effectiveness of support personnel by ensuring that they recognise sales potential and take the appropriate action.
Download documentTrain the Trainer
During this very highly interactive and fast paced course delegates will examine, in detail, the techniques and knowledge required by the modern-day trainer.
Download documentUnderstanding Self Confidence
Self confidence is everything; it allows you to make the most of life's opportunities, face challenges and perform well when you need to. It is identified as being one of the main keys to success.
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