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Insights Discovery

InsightsTransforming Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Effective communication provides the foundation for all successful personal and professional relationships.

Success is related not just to technical expertise but also to how we communicate and interact with people who may have different styles and priorities.

Our passion is to provide world class products that enable our clients to discover their strengths and gain clarity about where they are now and what they need to do differently to move to the next level. One of the most effective, cost-efficient and immediate ways to achieve this is through the colourful and dynamic Insights Discovery® System.

We believe the Insights Discovery® Profile is the most accurate and dynamic personal profile in the world and forms the foundation of all our people development work. It enables teams and individuals to better understand more about their own behavioural and communication style as well as identify the styles of others.

Insights Discovery is a powerful preference-based learning system with foundations in the work of Carl Jung. Discovery helps individuals better understand themselves and others, and enables more effective interactions with others. Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, Discovery represents the unique thread running through our entire portfolio.

As its entry point, the Insights Discovery learning system identifies four colour-energies – Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red – and presents these on a wheel we call the Insights Discovery Wheel.

Each of us uses these colour energies to varying degrees, though it is our unique ordering of the energies that will shape our personal style, and it will be our preference for one colour energy that will indicate our dominant or preferred style of thinking, working and communicating.

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