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Young Professionals Academy

Quickly Turning Potential Into Professional Performance

The Zing Young Professionals Academy consists of unique courses, specifically designed for the millennials who by 2020 will make up 50% of the global workforce: they are the future leaders of UK businesses. Zing want to help them avoid the early mistakes made in a career and get them noticed for the right reasons, giving the tools to initiate success.



What are the aims?
  • To fast-track employees to a higher level of professionalism and proficiency
  • To create business-ready employees with a deeper understanding of themselves and others
  • To enhance their skills to tackle industry challenges, contribute faster, take initiative and
    become valuable ambassadors for the company

Who is it for?
  • Talented young professionals with potential
  • Typically with less than two years experience in the work place

About the Programme

A comprehensive 4 month programme with 5 hours of 1-2-1 coaching and a full 25+ page Insights Discovery Profile to create a deeper understanding of yourself.

The four one-day training modules will enhance enthusiastic and talented employees with the skill base to fast-track them to become business ready and really valued employees. Between each module, delegates receive 1-2-1 support from their business coach who encourages them to set short and long term goals and achieve them.

The topics covered are via presentations, experiential activities and group challenges – so there is something for everyone. Zing love working with this age group and is always learning from them too!

Module One: About You
Improving your self-awareness, understand your strengths and get yourself noticed for the right reasons

  • The power of good habits
  • Developing personal accountability
  • Increasing your visibility and getting noticed for the right reasons
  • Taking initiative
  • Developing character and authenticity
  • Personal effectiveness and time management
  • Understand your strengths, weaknesses and communication style using psychometric profiling
  • Creating a great first impression
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Developing personal integrity

Module Two: About Others
Effective working relationships and influencing others
  • Emotional Intelligence & improving your self-regulation
  • Understanding the true meaning and value of networking
  • Building strong relationships and maintaining your network using Linkedin and other tools
  • Representing your organisation professionally at business events
  • Working in a team, building rapport and trust
  • Influencing skills and dealing with difficult people and situations

Module Three: Commercial Awareness
The 'Business Experience' simulation- a highly interactive and challenging activity. Working in small groups, delegates immerse themselves in a competitive market and run competing businesses for the day.
  • Improve commercial awareness, financial understanding and business acumen
  • Understanding accounts, balance sheets, profit & loss, accounting methods and procedures
  • The difference between profit and cash
  • The importance of cash flow, financial management and performance
  • Making key decisions and living with the consequences
  • Controlling staff, budgeting, risk and strategy
  • Awareness of marketing, quality, lead times, pricing, innovation and the economic environment

Module Four: Presenting with Confidence & Graduation
Presentation skills. graduation and evaluation
  • Planning and preparing for presentations and meetings
  • Delivering powerful presentations with confidence
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Understanding importance of non-verbal communication
  • Active listening and questioning techniques
  • Professional writing skills and etiquette (emails, letters, reports)
  • Individual presentations to review and reflect topics covered, impact to date, future actions

Our in-house programme is available for up to 10 delegates.

This is offered at the price of £10,400 (plus VAT).


Naomi Parker-Jones – NFU Mutual
"The course has certainly enhanced our employee’s self-awareness and given the tools to improve her organizational skills and confidence. I would recommend the course to others."

Ellie Harding – NFU Mutual
"The course has given our employee the confidence and drive to make decisions and implement ideas on her own. I would recommend this course to other employers."

Brendan Melvin – Travis Perkins
"I would happily recommend the programme to other employers."

Kyle Hibbert – Bluefin Professions
"The course has allowed me to grow as a whole, not just as a working person, which will stand me in good stead for my future career and future life."

Henry de Teissier – Hartnell Taylor Cook
"From a personal development point of view, the course has been really beneficial, increasing my self-confidence and self-belief, learning how to deal with different types of personalities and conduct myself in a professional environment."

Lucy Dannan-Aspinall
"Leadership is the key skill I will take away from the course. It has given me the confidence to step up and take the lead myself rather than shy away."

Alex Moat – Hartnell Taylor Cook
"The course provided the delegates with a full understanding of how to run a business, how to present themselves and improve time management which has created an absolute benefit to our business and to their own personal reward and development."

Heather Anning – NFU Mutual
"Since the course I have become much more confident and am now willing to volunteer to do presentations."

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