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Insights Discovery Workshops

Your employees are your most important asset. Each person employed by your company is unique - they bring different styles, needs and expectations,. In these differences lie great strength.

Insights Discovery Workshops allow individuals and teams to understand and appreciate these differences. By understanding more about self, about others and how to bring together and build upon those different strengths, we can help to achieve your organisational, team and personal goals.

The workshops are fast paced, interactive and fun sessions that will help understand and improve the communication and interpersonal dynamics within your teams and also with clients. The workshops can be either a half or full day session, with a minimum of four people but with no maximum.

1. Understanding the Insights Discovery colours & types


2. Understand Your Style
  • Develop an understanding of your own style and how you may be seen by others - work, communication, behaviour - how you act & react
  • To recognise your strengths and understand how you can adapt these to be more effective in building relationships
3. Understand Others
  • To recognise others' behavioural styles and learn how to respond effectively to others needs
4. Adapt and Connect
  • To learn how to adapt your behaviour to build relationships and influence others
  • How to overcome communication challenges
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