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Leadership & Management

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Download documentChange Management
Managing change successfully is an essential management skill in today's fast-paced business world. However, many people feel threatened by changes at work and not all managers plan or implement change programmes with finesse.
Download documentCoaching for Improved Performance
This course is designed to help managers fulfill their role as a coach and to more effectively use other training resources available within the organisation.
Download documentConflict Management
The aim of the course is to develop your self awareness, communication and interpersonal skills, and to provide strategies to help resolve conflict when it arises.
Download documentDealing with People in Conflict Situations
This course helps you to understand and identify why and how people behave differently and how you can modify your own behaviour to deal with it.
Download documentInspirational Leadership
Delegates will discover practical and straightforward ways to lead, organise and motivate in order to achieve outstanding performance and results.
Download documentIntroduction to Mentoring
Mentoring is a sensitive and valuable type of development activity. It involves taking on the role of a trusted and experienced advisor to another individual, and requires a range of skills.
Download documentKey Account Management
The need to develop long-term relationships at all levels through communication, together with the ability to understand the client's business and objectives is essential.
Download documentManagement Development Programme
In an ever-changing and competitive environment, our managers require a diverse set of skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in order to effectively and confidently fulfil their roles. Our Management Development programmes are designed to enable managers at all levels not only to cope in a changing environment but to strive for excellence, competitive advantage and best practice.
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Download documentManagement Skills for New Managers
Combining the essential skills of time management, people resource management, effective decision making, leadership skills and fundamentals of business planning, the course will provide you with a thorough grounding in the principles of managerial excellence.
Download documentManaging People - Essential Skills
Delegates will learn how to channel the energy and motivation of individuals in their teams.
Download documentProblem Solving & Decision Making
To give delegates the awareness of their own thinking style together with the range of alternatives so as to allow for more appropriate approaches to be selected.
Download documentRecruitment & Selection Interviewing Techniques
This practical two day course will provide individuals with guidance in the skills and techniques essential to conducting successful selection interviews.
Download documentThe Changing Nature of Leadership Workshop

Leadership is changing and approaches focusing on flexibility, collaboration, crossing boundaries and collective leadership are expected to become high priority.

This full day workshop has been designed to enable you to understand the changing nature of leadership and how you need to adapt in this changing environment

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